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   Jon - Kirkwood (USA) - July 2018                                                                                     ATLAS table

"Best buying experience period. High quality and fast turn around time.

Went above and beyond and always communicated on a timely matter. Highly recommended!"

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We select for you the best pieces of Made in Italy furniture

Directly from the craftsman's hands to your home

Our expert Italian team is always focused on client satisfaction and quality.

We work on a new product range with passion and the desire to create something new.

For that reason, we decided to work with young international designers and architects as their fresh take on todays’ world is an inspiration to face new challenges.

Nick - Windsor (UK) - June 2019                                                                                                           SNACK table

"The table that Luca made for us is absolutely fantastic. Looks amazing and the build quality and workmanship is superb.

We are based in the UK and were initially worried about having such a bulky table shipped to us from Italy. We shouldn't have been. The table was packed very very well. Completely protected and came with very clear assembly instructions and everything labelled so that you knew what went where. Great attention to detail.

Luca was very responsive to messages at all times which was hugely reassuring too.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Italcollections again in the future."

Brigitte - Isle sur Sorgue (France) - March 2019                                                DOLCE VITA chairs

"I just received the 6 chairs. Thank you"

Dolce Vita chairs - Italian furniture
Cheft bookshelf - Italian furniture

Rolf - Ubstadt-Weiher (Germany) - February 2019                                                        CHEFT bookshelf

"I assembled the bookshelf and I'm very happy with it. Thank you very much again for your good advice and your patience when struggling about the right wood and tarnish to choose."

Andreas - Künzell (Germany) - January 2019                                                                ATLAS table

"Many thanks for this table. It's beautiful! We are so happy."

Atlas table - solid oak top - Italian furniture
Atlas table - solid walnut top - Italian furniture

Jose - Barcelona (Spain) - July 2018                                                                                          ATLAS table

"Good work and good information excellent wood a beautiful table that shows the beauty and warmth of walnut."

Jon - Kirkwood (USA) - July 2018                                                                                    ATLAS table

"Best buying experience period. High quality and fast turn around time.

Went above and beyond and always communicated on a timely matter. Highly recommended!"

Atlas table - Italian furniture
Cheft bookshelf - Italian furniture

Massimo - Pietrasanta (Italy) - October 2017                                                                  CHEFT bookshelf

"Bookshelf arrived and already assembled. The assembly process is rather simple."

Jane - Oxford (UK) - August 2017                                                                                      LINE chair

"Thank you for everything !!! Great experience !! I am very happy with these gorgeous chairs!!!"

Kasper - Oslo (Norway) - July 2017                                                                       CHEFT bookshelf

"Fantastic, finished to the specifications we wanted and a beautiful desing! Highly recommended."

Cheft bookshelf - Italian furniture
Dahlia table - Italian furniture

Paige - Rotterdam (The Netherlands) - July 2017                                                      DAHLIA table

"Very well made! Love it! The item was also packed very well. Looks as good as it feels. Arrived today a little behind the estimated time but it was well worth the wait. The Italcollections team were very helpful with answering any queries behind this as well."

Caroline - Lyon (France) - June 2017                                                                   DAHLIA bookshelf

"Got the bookshelf. It is AWESOME! As described! Had a very good communication with the seller. Great guy!"